Building a patio

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  • Level of difficulty: Easy
  • Estimated time taken: 30 minutes
  • Tools required:
  1. Wheel barrow
  2. Variety of shovels
  3. Leveling rake
  4. Transit or steaks, a level, string, and a measure tape
  5. Power tamper or hand tamper
  6. Rubber hammer
  7. Level
  8. Concrete saw possibly
  9. Marker
  10. Broom
  11. Safety equipment

How to:

Step 1: Determine size and lay out

  1. A good way to determine size is to lay any patio furniture on a big area and measure multiple feet around it to give you plenty of space
  2. Once you have a size, spray paint the perimeter onto the ground

Step 2: Determine slope

  1. Put a steak into the ground near the house as the high point
  2. Put a steak into the ground on the further size of the house as the low point
  3. Attach a string to each and ensure it is level with your level
  4. Measure the height of the string on each pole and ensure they are equal
  5. Subtract 3" from the position of the low point pole and lower the string to that point
  6. Now your string will slope at the same slope as the patio
  7. Measure the height from the ground to the string
  8. Every point on your patio should measure the same height to the string

Step 3: Digging

  1. Whether it be grass or soil, it will need to be dug out to make room for sand, screening, and the stone tiles
  2. Stone tiles are about 3" thick
  3. Sand is about 1/2" thick
  4. Screening is 4"-6" thick
  5. Dig this deep for the entirety of your patio

Step 4: Setting the base

  1. Depending on which product you choose, follow the instructions to lay about 4"-6"

Step 5: Laying the sand

  1. Lay 1/2" of sand
  2. A good method is to lay two pipes down that are around 1/2" tall
  3. Lay the pipes a few feet apart
  4. Trough the sand with a board, running it down the pipes

Step 6: Laying the stone

  1. This step varies depending on the kind of stones you are using however there are some basic rules to follow
  2. Ensure each stone remains square with the next
  3. Ensure each stone is level with the next
  4. Use a rubber mallet to ensure each stone is fully seated

Step 7: Polymeric sand

  1. Polymeric sand goes in bewteen the gaps in your patio and prevents weeds and greatly strengthens the structure of your patio
  2. Ensure there will be no rain for the next 24 hours before applying the sand
  3. Use a broom to spread out the sand and spread evenly
  4. Ensure no water is on the patio as when the product interacts with water, it will harden
  5. Use a leaf blower to remove excess sand that is not in the gaps
  6. Use a hose to lightly mist the surface every 15 minutes for about an hour
  7. Let set for 24 hours before walking on it

Example Video: