Cabinet doors wont stay closed

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Level of difficulty: Easy
Estimated time taken: 10 minutes
Tools required:

  • Phillips screwdriver

Step 1: Determine the cause

  • 99% of the time, your cabinet door is not staying closed because of the pivot and set screws.
  • Your pivot and set screws can be adjusted with the a Phillips screw driver and are attached to your hinge mounted on your cabinet

Step 2: Examine your door

  • Ensure the door is level and even with the others
  • If your door seems to be even slightly uneven, adjust until even and see if the problem persists

Step 3: Continue adjusting your pivot and set screws

  • This is a very finicky process and takes a lot of trial and error
  • Continue adjusting until your doors no longer open, are even, and do not it eachother

Example Video: