Evicting a tenant

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今天去法庭,终于赶走了最坏的一个房客。做地主20多年,从未见过这么难缠的房客。历时4月有余,先前一个饭桶律师,后来终于找到了一个非常厉害的律师。花了很多时间,但好像上了一个eviction的大学。如果大家有问题请私信我,愿与大家共同分享我学到的很多血和泪换来的经验。以免大家走弯路。今晚终于可以好好休息了。西雅图保护房客到了极端的地步。有这样的组织:Homeless Prevention Seattle Legal Center, Housing Justice and Seattle Housing Ordinance office. These offices are attorneys free to tenants. The goal is to prevent homeless, delay the process and they are for tenants free of charges.


政府现在homeless压力太大所以想房东负担一部分。风头对房东不利。今天输掉的明天就是homeless了。你要庆幸是在WA, 如果是MA,一年内你能把tenant evict出去那已经是很lucky了

I highly recommend my attorney Mr. Loeffler. He was the best. My lessons to other landlords are: hire a professional from the very early stage of eviction and hire the best. Do not go cheap when doing eviction. I used a lousy attorney in the beginning then lost in court in the first battle. I decided to hire the best after that. It ended up I paid twice and used much longer time to evict. Do not try to save money and being cheap especially eviction in City of Seattle. This is first time I used Mr. Loeffler. I loved my experience. Would recommend him to anyone who needs eviction help. His contact information is: