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Water leaking into walls behind bath tub faucet

One very common overlooked problem is having water drip behind your walls from your bath tub faucet. This is a problem that can destroy your entire wall behind your bath tub and is worth checking even if you notice no symptoms.

Level of difficulty: Moderate
Estimated time taken: 30 minutes
Tools required:

  • Silicon caulking
  • Hex set

Step 1: Remove spout

  1. Most spouts will have a hex nut on the bottom side
  2. Remove the hex nut and the spout should slide off
  3. If there is no nut, use a flat head screw driver and put it into the spout where the water comes out
  4. Carefully and slowly rotate the spout counter clockwise one quarter turn using leverage from the screwdriver
  5. The spout should now slide off
  • These spouts can be pretty hard to get off and you may need to use some force

Step 2: Caulking

  1. You should see a hole cut into your tub with a copper pipe sticking out
  2. Where the copper pipe comes out of the tub, there may be an unsealed opening
  3. Apply caulking all around this opening ensuring now water will be able to go from the tub side to behind the wall

Step 3: Let dry and put back together

  1. Let the caulking dry for about an hour
  2. Put the spout back on in reverse order of how you took it off

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