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Plumbing tools


  • Plumber's wrench - A plumbers wrench used to rotate pipes used in plumbing. An essential tool you will need if you plan on rotating any pipes. These go for about $10.


  • Basin wrench - A basin wrench, sometimes called a sink wrench, is a plumbing tool that is used to turn fasteners in confined spaces that would be difficult or impossible to reach using a plumber wrench or other type of wrench. One of these is usually required if you plan on replacing a faucet. They go for about $20.


  • Seat wrench - Typically, you're only going to need a seat wrench if you're replacing some types of bathtub or sink faucets. It should cost you under $10.


  • Drain snake - A drain snake is a slender, flexible auger used to dislodge clogs in plumbing. The plumber's snake is often reserved for difficult clogs that cannot be loosened with a plunger. It is also sometimes called a toilet jack, electric eel, or plumber's snake.


  • Mini drain snake - This is the same thing as a draink snake but... mini. This is used for bathroom sinks most of the time.


  • Plumber's putty - Plumber putty is a clay-like substance used to seal areas of a sink that may be exposed to water but will have no water pressure applied to them. Plumbers putty should cost you less than $5.


  • Teflon tape - Teflon tape is a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) film for use in sealing pipe threads. The tape is sold cut to specific widths and wound on a spool, making it easy to wind around pipe threads. One use of this is for wrapping your shower's threads while installing a new shower head to ensure no leaks from the threads. Teflon tape also goes by the names thread seal tape, PTFE tape or plumber's tape.

Shutting the water supply off

ALWAYS remember to shut off the water when performing any plumbing work. You could risk flooding your house and costing yourself thousands of dollars. So remember, shut your water off first!

I prefer to shut my main water supply off, however, there are multiple ways you can shut off your water.

Plumbing projects you can do yourself