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Security Systems

ATT Digital Life


  • Installation all done professionally
  • The cost is comparable to other monitored solutions
  • The website is pretty good for managing your security. The workflows (programs as they call them) are fairly powerful and easy to setup
  • Programs can be setup to email or text any number of phones when certain things happen (power goes out, camera detects motion, etc)
  • The Digital Life forums seem to be pretty active and it feels like they are actively monitoring, and tweaking or adding features based on user feedback.
  • They have a wide variety of choices of equipment available (water sensors, thermostats, smoke detectors, keypad deadbolts, etc).


  • The DLC (Digital Life Center, the brains of the system) is kinda big, and they won’t install it in the garage. It must be in your house somewhere (closet is fine).
  • The expenses can add up as you add more features.
  • Their website is slow, and it’s not as easy as one would hope to manage media
  • Doesn’t integrate with Nest thermostat which I wish it would.


http://simplisafe.com/ Pros

  • Cellular Connection
  • No Wires

Cons Pets might cause false alarms.

DIY or Hire out

Comparison of different products