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Planting trees

When you dig and see the cable line underneath call 811 to get help.

Privacy Trees

Arborvitae are very easy to maintain in the Pacific Northwest.

Some trees may grow very big in a few years potentially interfering with power lines, roofs, foundations, and other structures. The tree roots could also ruthlessly aggressive, and mess up drainage (like sewer pipes).


Artificial Lawn

Artificial lawns have a few pros as below.

  • Looks nice
  • No maintenance - no watering or mowing is required.
  • Money on buying mower, fertilizer, weedkiller and so on is saved
  • Good drainage
  • Playing sports will not damage the grass

Artificial lawns have a few cons as below.

  • The upfront cost is very high.
  • It is not real grass so you can't get the smell of freshly cut grass
  • It has a lifespan of 10-25 years